Simple ingredients, as natural as can be.


Why so light?

Gluten free dough upon request 100% vegan dough
Water Whole wheat flour + Sour dough + long fermentation periods + Extra virigin oliveoil


Events, news & more

2 Nov 2018

New opening in Bucharest (Romania)

Where: Dacia 20, Bulevardul

The new Pizza Leggera restaurant in Bucharest (Romania) has just opened its doors. Join us with alot of enthusiasm as we can't wait to induldge you.


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1 March 2018

New opening - Pizza Leggera Nyon (Swizerland)

Where: Nyon (Allée del la Petite Prairie 8,1260)

Come and check out the new restaurant, the 3rd location in Swizerland.

May 2017

Rino Goretti in Stavropol (Russia)

Where: Stavropol (Russian Fed.)

Rino meets our friends from the famous Veranda Italia restaurants chain in a series of workshops.
Thanks Elena, Andrei and Daria and all the staff in your wonderful organization.

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Change Your idea about pizza


What we do

Working together

We directly produce the pizza dough for all our Pizza Leggera restaurants using the exclusive mix developed by our Master pizza maker ,Rino Goretti.

We organise and develop Pizza Leggera network and help you manage your own restaurant.

We train staff and assist your work progress over time.

Location evaluation, custom made business plans, food cost analysis, marketing & comunication plan, design and development and "turn key" restaurants.

Founder of Pizza Leggera

Rino Goretti

Master pizza maker

Master pizza maker the founder of Pizza Leggera,Rino Goretti dedicated over 30 years in researching and searching for the best prime materials and in the development of the best pizza production process.

Rino with Filippo Panini, co-founder & CEO


Our food service concept

Welcome home

Specific attention to kids' needs and to of the whole family.Care for the environment and of serving others are the basics of antique Italian culture.Our commitment is not simply offering a tasty & good meal but also by creating a homey comfortable atmo.

We use natural and simple ingredients as natural and as local as can be.We always thrieve for having balanced tastes considering food allergies, intolerances and calories count, that can be obtained by a correct balance between fats, protein and carbs.

This is our philosophy!
Our philosophy in developing food services.


Via Europa 4 (Renazzo), 44042 Cento (FE) Italy
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